Pwnable: uaf
· β˜• 4 min read
Mommy, what is Use After Free bug?

Pwnable: Passcode
· β˜• 3 min read
Mommy told me to make a passcode based login system. My initial C code was compiled without any error! Well, there was some compiler warning, but who cares about that?

HackTheBox: BountyHunter
· β˜• 5 min read
It is the heart which perceives God and not the reason.

HackTheBox: Pikaboo
· β˜• 10 min read
Against stupidity the very gods Themselves contend in vain.

HackTheBox: Seal
· β˜• 5 min read
It's not enough to have a hacker culture anymore. You have to have a design culture, too.

HackTheBox: Static
· β˜• 7 min read
That brain of mine is something more than merely mortal; as time will show.

HackTheBox: Intelligence
· β˜• 6 min read
Concentrate, play your game, and don't be afraid to win.

HackTheBox: Spider
· β˜• 7 min read
And so the geek inherited the earth

HackTheBox: Explore
· β˜• 4 min read
I think Linux is a great thing, in the big picture. It's a great hacker's tool, and it has a lot of potential to become something more.

HackTheBox: Dynstr
· β˜• 7 min read
People always make the best exploits. I've never found it hard to hack most people. If you listen to them, watch them, their vulnerabilities are like a neon sign screwed into their heads.

HackTheBox: Armageddon
· β˜• 5 min read
It is not the monsters we should be afraid of; it is the people that don’t recognize the same monsters inside of themselves.

HackTheBox: Monitors
· β˜• 12 min read
Never tell everything you know......

CyberApocalypse 2021
· β˜• 29 min read
Writeup of most web challenges from Cyber Apocalypse 2021 CTF from HackTheBox